Berford Bunkie

  • Wall height is 6’4”
  • Sizes are 8x12, up to 16x40
  • Comes with single door, and two windows with screens. Windows come as aluminum or wood framed, swing open or slider.
  • 4’ porch with spindle railing, 4”x4” posts & beams
  • Ceiling inside is wood lined
  • Comes standard with a  metal roof, choices of colors available.
  • Sits on 6x6 beams, no base required, only level ground.
  • Structure is timber framed, built with 4x4 posts, beams, rafters. Wall boards are 1” rough pine. Floor is kiln dried tongue & grove ¾” pine.
  • Door handles are lockable.

Additional information


•Walls can be done in Board & Batten, vinyl siding, shiplap, or log


•No floor is an option, when it will sit on a concrete base
•Skids will be removed after transportation


•Pine wood finished ceiling is optional


•Double door can be added
•Bunkie door with key lock is optional upgrade


•Choice of Hip or Cottage roof


•Ramps are available


•Insulation is optional
•Walls are double boarded with aluminum reflective between boards
•Roof is aluminum reflective and finished inside with boards
•Floor is polyurethane sprayed


•Inside loft/loft in porch is optional
•Staining is optional

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