• Post height is 7’.
  • Post & beams 6”x6”. Rafters and braces 4”x4”.
  • Sizes are 4x6 up to 16x40
  • Comes standard with a  metal roof, choices of colors available.
  • Ceiling inside is wood lined.
  • Structure is timber frame. Posts, beams, braces, roof lining is Pine.
  • Floor is Cedar, sits on 6x6 beams, and has full 2”x4” floor joists, 16” centres.

Additional information


•No floor is an option
•Skids will be removed after transportation


•Gable, sloped, or cottage roof optional


•Posts can be built as tall as 7'4"


•Gable ends can be open with timber design, or closed with board & batten

Other Options

•Railing and screen are optional
•Staining is optional

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